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Cordova/Phonegap takeaways during Hack the Midwest

On June 2nd through 3rd I participated in HackTheMidwest and my team claimed the award for Best LOL Hack, for Cyrano which you can read more about here. What I would like to talk about though are some of the things I learned about Cordova/Phonegap during the event.

When working on my first Cordova project I felt that the UI was very unresponsive. While working on Cyrano I discovered it was my fault. Turns out it was because I was using the click event when I should have been using the much quicker touchend event.

The other take away from developing Cyrano so far is just how easy it is to write an Android plugin for Cordova. Full disclosure I have worked on native android before and have have a decent grasp of Java. I was still surprised by how easy it was to setup.

I will be committing the Cordova SMS plugin I wrote for the Cyrano Android app to a github repo in the future so be on the lookout. So far it provides an interface to get all sms messages in the phones inbox, a list of all sent messages stored on the phone, a combined list of the both sent and inbox messages and a way to send a sms message.

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