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  1. Expose Your Members

    As I have begun unit testing my code my and more I've found one technique to be extremely valuable: exposing most if not all methods. This way I can test individual methods without the need devise elaborate unit testing schemes. I know this goes against the idea of unit testing only the public contract of a class or object but I am a firm believer in the idea that an object actually has...

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  2. Cordova/Phonegap takeaways during Hack the Midwest

    On June 2nd through 3rd I participated in HackTheMidwest and my team claimed the award for Best LOL Hack, for Cyrano which you can read more about here. What I would like to talk about though are some of the things I learned about Cordova/Phonegap during the event.

    When working on my first Cordova project I felt that the UI was very unresponsive. While working on Cyrano I discovered it was my...

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